Beautiful Fading Turning point

A lot of people think "aging"begins after 25 years old. In face the of people has begun to go through the course of growing and aging since they are born.
the old and feeble of the human body is presented on the skin obviously. When the skin presents the black spot, obscure, thick honey substance, etc., it is the beginning of the old feeble!
The human body is a basic cell initiated from the period of ovum. It is split and increased after fertilizingmetabolism. When the human comes to 15 years old or so, the total number of human cells reaches the highest peak promptly, and it begins to reduce after this age. This is because the toxin is accumulated, and the free radical is indulged. These two elements destroy the embryo essence of human cells slowly, hinder the vigor of metabolism, and make the function of tissue organ, gland body and immune ability waken, and result in the aging and getting disease.
The above-mentioned states of the aging are before 25 years old. This kind of exogenous aging can be improved greatly by taking a patient care. After the 25 years old, the endogenous aging caused by genetic code is the irreversible aging with fast speed. The main reason is 25,000 genes controlled by human blueprint DNA let the cells secrete more than 100,000 kinds of cell biotin. After the 25 years old, these kinds of cell biothin are reduced constantly and the concentration are also decreased, which makes the human body used to own these cell biotins begin to age.

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skin care

NATTIER, a high-tech product from Switzerland, has been creating perfect skin for women all over the world. After 18 years of clinical trials, it has obtained many international patents. All ingredients and raw materials are researched, manufactured and supplied by SinobaGmbH, Switzerland, and are filled by cGMP pharmaceutical factory. They are free of preservatives, natural plant extracts, and no chemical fragrances. use.

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Food Supplement

Nattier brand health food is guided by the formula of Swiss Sinoba CH GmbH.
Product contains MAGIC-C Capsules, DACETON Capsules, MEN'S FORMULA Tablet, MIGHTY FRESH Capsules etc.

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